May 9 - June 23, 2018

IN MONTREAL — 6345, boul. Saint-Laurent H2S 3C3

May 9 - June 23, 2018

Rafael Sottolichio – Wapizagonke

Opening: Wednesday May 9, at 5pm

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Lacerte Art contemporain is pleased to present Wapizagonke – a selection of recent paintings by artist Rafael Sottolichio.

The imaginary territory of the immigrant

The works presented in the exhibition Wapizagonke are the result of a meditation about territory and landscape. Retaking visual themes already presented in his work, this new group of paintings is a personal response to the questionings provoked by the migrant crisis, elsewhere and near him. Being himself an immigrant, he tries to represent the foreigner point of view confronted to this new territory to cover, to discover. This territory, promising despite the risks, is above all an imaginary space, a construction. A visit to the Wapizagonke lake, at the north-east of Montreal many years ago, provoked this questioning about his sense of belonging to a territory.

“A family camping experience at the Wapizagonke lake, at Mauricie, was my first encounter with the Quebecer landscape. That place is part of our history as we went to stay there many times. I have also returned sometimes with friends. This time we got back with family, with our children. This third generation to walk over this land discovered through me a personal vision of the place. The Wapizagonke lake is a long, narrow lake, with abrupt cliffs at the oriental shore and beaches that can only be reached by canoe. I felt a strange attachment to it. Strange, because I was too strongly connected to it: as an immigrant, I adopted the Quebecker culture. I work with a medium – painting – with cosmopolitan influences and there I found myself on the shores of a lake with an Amerindian name. Despite this different cultural trajectories, I identified myself in this new way to a place, I had imagined a territory.”

Wapizagonke rejoins paintings produced between 2016 and 2018.

In the gray room, the artist presents the series Personae, accomplished between 2014 and 2018. This portraits in gray and white were born from a reflexion about identity and the idea of the mask. This images of tense bodies and concealed faces were inspired by the notion of the Eternal return, from the philosopher Nietzsche, interpreted as a challenge of self-invention.

Rafael Sottolichio was born in Santiago, in Chile, and arrives to Montreal in 1976. After university studies in Santiago and in Montreal, he practises painting professionally since 1996. Rafael Sottolichio participated in several exhibitions: in Gallery Lacerte Art Contemporain of Quebec, in Orange Gallery and in culture house Frontenac and Plateau-Mont-Royal, in gallery Eyelevel in Halifax, in the Regional Museum of Rimouski, in the centre Expression of Saint-Hyacinthe, as well as in the National Center of Exhibition of Jonquière. His works are part of numerous public collections: Colart Collection, Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer,Interinvest, Art for Healing Foundation,TD collection, Collection Loto-Québec, SSQ Groupe Financier ,Fédération des Caisses Desjardins, Progressive Art Collection, Ohio.

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