English-born, born in Cork, Ireland, Sean Rudman chose to settle in 1976 after studying art in London and the Academy of Arts in the beautiful region of Saint-Maurice in Quebec. Port-Royal of Paris. Recognized for his explorations in painting and engraving, his works are part of numerous private and public collections, including those of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montreal and the Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec. Several solo exhibitions have been devoted to his work in the province as well as in Ottawa and Toronto. Rudman has also participated in numerous biennales and collective exhibitions in Canada, France, Switzerland and Great Britain. His art can be admired in eight places in Quebec where architecture is ornamented, including the regional hospitals of Trois-Rivières and Rimouski. Sean Rudman is represented by the Lacerte gallery in Quebec City and Montreal.

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Recent works
Montreal (26/11/2016 – 20/12/2016)

Sean Rudman
Quebec (5/4/2013 – 5/23/2013)

Galerie Lacerte: 30 years
Villeray (12/8/2011 – 1/15/2012)

Group exhibition Summer
Montreal (6/18/2011 – 9/9/2011)

Group exhibition 
(1/15/2008 – 2/28/2008)

Sean Rudman
(6/20/2007 – 7/24/2007)

Group exhibition Winter 2007
(12/21/2006 – 1/30/2007)

Group exhibition Summer 2006
(7/24/2006 – 10/21/2006)

Sean Rudman
(11/13/2004 – 12/5/2004)

SRUcatalogue2010_120Rudman, Sean

Sean Rudman, 2010, 44 pages

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Rudman, Sean

1997, 40 pages

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