November 18 - December 23, 2016

IN QUEBEC — 1, côte Dinan G1K 3V5

November 18 – December 11, 2016 IN QUEBEC

Olivier De Serres, KULA – Quebec

Olivier De Serres – KULA

Opening: Friday, November 18 at 17h

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Lacerte art contemporain (Québec) is proud to present a selection of recent paintings by artist Olivier De Serres. The exhibition KULA unites exclusively the corpus of works The Bricks, which marks a new tangent in the pictorial work of the young painter.

Marked by the freedom of a practice in parallel with graffiti, Olivier De Serres creates pictorial works whose main concern is articulated around the current specificities of the painting medium. Though at first sight very close to the moderns, this preoccupation is part of a time when painting takes on a whole new meaning in its relation to the digital image, a symptom of a technological radicalization that is ever more present in our lives. The work of De Serres is tainted by the influence of digital image processing software which has an affect whatsoever on the relationship to the color, the physical tool or the fragmentation of the Image that can be found there. Nevertheless, the work of the artist is essentially founded in practice: experimentation and experimentation with matter form the basis of every new idea or envy that emerges in his paintings.

The title of the exhibition KULA refers to a traditional form of exchange present in Papua New Guinea, which consists in circulating objects in a logic of the necessarily reciprocal gift. The process contributes to conferring different social status to the donor and to the donee, as well as to preserving the good nature of their relationship. This “archaic” mode of transaction as well as the notion of gift / counter-gift are among the interests that inspire the reflections present in the painting of De Serres.

The artist states in this connection: “The work of painting and art in general is for me a tributary and a creator of wealth which must be shared and circulated among the people of the same community; Both for the benefit of others and for the benefit of the artist himself, who must be able to free himself from what he has already produced in order better to be able to give himself to what is to come. ”

Born in Quebec City in 1989, Olivier De Serres completed his Master’s Degree in Visual Arts at Université Laval. Until 2013, he took part in several group exhibitions in association with the Morgan Bridge Gallery, including S.A.U.V.A.G.E. presented in the Diamant spaces in Québec City. He has also collaborated on several projects, in Quebec City and Montreal, with the Canadian Bacon collective. Then in 2015, he participated in the exhibition Interuniversitaire Peinture fraîche / Nouvelle construction presented at Art Mûr in Montreal. Most recently, he presented his Potlatch Masterclass exhibition at the Gallery Le 36 in Quebec City.

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