February 18 – March 26, 2017

IN QUEBEC — 1, côte Dinan G1K 3V5

February 18 – March 26, 2017

Jean-Pierre Morin – Dessiner l’espace

Opening: Saturday, February 18 at 12 h 30

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The gallery Lacerte art contemporain (Québec) is proud to present Dessiner l’espace – a selection of works by Jean-Pierre Morin where the artist reveals his creative process by proposing a series of 18 drawings, in addition to Sculptures Unpublished or recent.

Although Morin often asserted that he never “drew one of his sculptures,” drawing has always taken an important place in his sculptural research. It allows him to free himself from the important material constraints of sculpture to grasp the space and sculpt it on paper.

It is fascinating to discover the genesis of an idea in a drawing, then to find it resolved, magnified in a sculpture. Much more than a sketch or a preliminary project of sculpture, Morin’s drawings illuminate a journey that goes from paper to material, from graphite to metal, from the second to the third dimension.

Including his drawings in this recent corpus, Morin offers a new perspective enabling him to decode his approach to sculpture before even concretely creating it and creating outstanding works such as Météore or Sortie du rang.

In Dessiner l’espace, Morin reveals himself at the top of his art by revealing the intimacy, the hidden face of his work as a sculptor.

Jean-Pierre Morin was born in Saint-Anselme in Dorchester in 1951. His works are part of numerous private and public collections in Canada, including those of the Canadian Art Bank, Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, Loan Québec Museum of Fine Arts, Lower St. Lawrence Museum, Rimouski Regional Museum, Joliette Museum, National Bank of Canada, Collection of the National Capital and Loto-Québec Collection. Since 1988, Jean-Pierre Morin has realized more than thirty public works, some twenty of which are part of the integration of arts to architecture program. Public works signed by Morin include the headquarters of the SAAQ in Québec City, the one in front of the Expo-Cité Québec City Fair Center, the Molson Park in Montreal, the one located at the main entrance of the Grande Library and Archives nationales du Québec in Montreal and the one located at 18 Yorkville Avenue in Toronto. In February 2008, Jean-Pierre Morin received the Prix de la Fondation Monique and Robert Parizeau. The significant award presented by the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec and the Foundation to a Quebec artist working in the field of sculpture includes a scholarship for the production of a sculpture that was installed in November 2008, The main entrance of the Museum.

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