November 24 - December 23, 2017

IN QUEBEC — 1, côte Dinan G1K 3V5


24 novembre au 23 décembre À QUÉBEC

Elysanne Tremblay – Gloire des roses sablons


Opening: Friday november 24, at 5pm


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I would like to live among the leaves and heather like birds, wear a dress made of feathers and I feed berries.

Liz Heron, Truth, Dare or Promise : Girls Growing Up in the Fifties


Galerie Lacerte art contemporain (Quebec) is pleased to present Gloire des roses sablons – a selection of recent works by the artist Elysanne Tremblay.

All of Elysanne Tremblay’s work is dedicated to creating an environment where she takes pleasure in imagining the development of all forms of life. But why try to animate the inanimate when there is already a living nature? In recognition of it.” The idea that art is the mirror of nature is one that only appeals to periods of skepticism. Art does not imitate nature, it imitates creation, sometimes to propose another world other than the real world, sometimes simply to amplify, to confirm, to bring into society the brief hope offered by nature ” [1]. The exceptional arises from fascination, from admiration. The work of the artist is not exceptional, it is the gesture; ” Gesture of the child who ricochets to transform the surface of the water, that of the” natural “appearances, on the surface of manifestation of his only will ” [2].


Elysanne Tremblay has an absolute admiration for any object resulting from an overflow of excesses and intensifications. For her, art is a means used to show our excesses of color, our strength and our ability to confront the world. In this exhibition proposal, the artist wishes to display his excess colors as in a parade of intimidation. Gloire des roses sablons is a territory, a space where Elysanne Tremblay ” represents the future and the foregoing in order to gather the sensations to come, a people to come, worlds and universes to come ” [3].

[1] John Berger, L’oiseau blanc, Mayenne, Champ Vallon, 2000, p.18

[2] Jacques Rancière, Malaise dans l’esthétique, Galilée, 2004, p.38. Traduction libre

[3] Elizabeth Grosz, ‘’Chaos, Territory, Art : Deleuze and the Framing of the Earth’’, New York : Columbia University Press, 2008, p.7.


Born in 1988 in Quebec City, Elysanne Tremblay obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Visual and Media Arts at the Université du Québec à Montréal in 2011. Her work was presented in Montreal and France at an artist’s residency. She was a finalist for the RBC Canadian Painting Competition (2014) and is currently completing a Master’s degree in Painting and Drawing at Concordia University. Elysanne lives and works in Montreal.

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