More than 3000 visitors!

Thanks for your presence!

A contemporary art fair for all
And in all its forms of expression

Thank you for your presence, for your interest in the new Contemporary Art For All Fair. More than 3000 visitors. Our human-sized event allowed for superb meetings and discussions between eleven participating galleries and a public composed of both collectors and many young amateurs. You must see the very nice photo album of Sébastien Roy ( Goodbye!

In February 2015, the galleries Eric Devlin, Yves Laroche, Robert Poulin and Lacerte Art Contemporain Meet to rethink the formula of the contemporary art fair as we know it in Montreal. All of them have the desire to present a maximum of artistic movements of contemporary art, they take the initiative to organize their own event on the sidelines of that organized by the Association of Galleries of Contemporary Art (AGAC) of which they are Other members; It will be called Art Contemporain Pour Tous, the fair.

By exposing the work of painters, sculptors, engravers, photographers, glassmakers, grafitators and other forms of expression, the ACPT affirms its taste for diversity in contemporary art. The participating galleries have given themselves the mandate to create a strong and jubilant visual experience through a heterogeneous and complementary artistic proposal. Moreover, they wanted the venue of this event to take place at the level of the street therefore accessible to all.

Although the first edition was conceived with modest means, the ACPT sets the objective for the coming years to present an even larger number of galleries and to connect to other international fairs.


Art Contemporain Pour Tous – The fair

First edition: 23 to 26 april 2015

For more information: 418 692.1566